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  • Description: Contents:
    2 oz Crunch(2 each): cran-blueberry, cashew, almond
    Rice Stix: roasted seaweed, manog-strawberry, cran-blueberry
    Trio Bar(2 each): blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, tropical
    Mini Crunch: pack of 5 2 boxes
    Almond Crunch Bar: cran-blueberry, raspberry-pomegranate, strawberry-mango
    Topper: blueberry, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry
    Chocolate Rounds: blueberry almond dark chocolate, whole strawberry dark chocolate, whole strawberry milk chocolate, strawberry almond dark chocolate

    *Size approx.: 12.5x5x4.5
  • Ingredient: Please see individual products for nutrition and ingredient information.