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Customer Reviews

I got two Trio bars as a special treat from the food bank. I'm always grateful for what is given out and never complain, but the "bars" leave something to be desired. So, imagine my surprise and delight at eating the Trio bars! Absolutely delicious (blueberry and cranberry), and when I get back on my feet, which WILL happen, I will be purchasing them on a regular basis and try not to eat the entire box in a sitting. Thanks!

Sharon, 7/20/2014

I just wanted to say that I LOVE your Fruit and Nut Toppers! That is my new "go to" snack. I eat it straight out of the bag. Great job and thanks for making a YUMMY product.

Rene, 4/10/2014

Just wanted to tell how absolutely DELICIOUS your whole strawberries, covered with dark chocolate are!!!! Oh my gosh. I don't think I've enjoyed a treat this much in a very long time. Now I just need to stay out of the bag. What a wonderful find. I hope you continue to make them year-round, not just for Valentine's Day? (I bought mine at Costco, 16 oz. bag, right around Valentine's so I thought probably they were seasonal). HOPE NOT !!!!! Thanks for making these...great job!

Pam, 2/28/2014

I don't recall ever writing to a company to comment about a product before but felt compelled to do so. I have purchased a number of your products but have enjoyed the Sunflower crunch the best. I eat gluten free and mostly a paleo styled diet and this snack is a breath of fresh air. It is delicious! I am also thrilled to see your support of Wheels for the World. I have also been a supporter of Joni's ministry and was pleased to see that you have demonstrated good stewardship in doing so also. I will continue to purchase your products and feel even better about doing so knowing your support of Joni's ministry. Thank you for your excellent product.

Michelle George, 2/20/2014

I absolutely love the dark chocolate covered strawberries! They are my new favorite treat!

Ashley Pigott, 12/13/2013

I love your product, long live your company, I am so proud of you. I read all ingredients of every product. You have the best and what I am looking for. I found your product by mistake at Ross dress for less clothing store and after I tasted the first bag, I went and bought the next. unfortunately you do not have this products in retail stores like Ralph, Vons, or Costco? May be in the future. My favorite is Triple Berry crunch (almonds), 20 oz was only $5.99. I could not believe how cheap it was in comparison to the weight. I can not stop eating it. it is so good and the sweetener does not give me headache like the corn syrup. God bless you and prosper you.Do you sell your product some where else beside on line? the online prices are more than Ross prices.
God bless you

Zabet, 10/30/2013

Hello! Love the Trio bars! A snack that actually makes me feel good after! Keep up the great work. Thank you!

Angela Frasier, 9/25/2013

I purchased your new veggie chips from our local grocer!! AMAZING!! I've tried without any luck to make my own...now I don't have to!!! Love them!

Jenn H., 4/10/2013

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!! i was soooooooo happy to find these products while standing in line at Marshalls. I have a severe sensitivity to any corn products and it is so hard to find snacks (or anything for that matter) without some kind of corn in them. Again.....thank you thank you thank you. I will also look for them at Whole Foods now that I have visited your website and see where they can be found.

Gina Snode, 3/5/2013

I wanted to let you know I purchased Almond Rice Stix Mango Strawberry in Tacoma, WA. They are absolutely delicious!! Cannot wait to try more of your products.

Gail Downs, 1/28/2013

Tried the almond and pomegrante/rasberry crunches, and they are very delicious! I haven't brought any to my wife yet,she loves things like these!

Dennis Foster, 1/17/2013

You guys are awesome. I don't really do reviews much, and I don't really go out of my way to give praise, but I would like to say that you guys make the best snacks I've ever tasted in my life. I have only been eating "healthy" (calorie watching, eating a variety of fruits, vegetables, and healthy grades of meat) for about two months but when I tried your little natural nut crunch snacks, I can honestly say it tasted far better than any Snickers, bag of Skittles, or pile of potatoe chips I used to eat for a snack. I love this stuff and you guys have made a customer for a very long time! Thank you :)

Nick Sargent, 10/25/2012

This is not really a question but...a compliment! I wasn't able to find you on Facebook or Twitter so am contacting you here. I received your Acai Strawberry White Sesame Strips in the Love for Food sampling box I received in today's mail and let me tell you...those things are FANTASTIC! I see that you stock at HEB grocery stores so when I go this week I am going to be looking for them...I hope they're in my local HEB!

Christina Almond, 10/16/2012

Dear Mrs. May's... I have to say, your snacks are fantastic! I found them in my vending machine at work and had to try them. I was looking for a healthy snack that would give me a little energy and fullness to take the edge off the afternoon munchies. I was so pleased after eating the "Ultimate Crunch" and reading that my purchase went towards the "Wheels for the World" program. Thank you for giving me a delicious snack and also for paying it forward. I would love for my middle schooler to have these at her school or on her next field trip. I will need to look for them at a local store. I just wanted to share my sentiments and thanks.

Elizabeth, 10/11/2012

I have to say.. I tried the freeze-dried fruit chips today for the first time and I am absolutely IN LOVE with them. My local shop only had the apple pineapple and pear and I got all three, but after looking on line I saw that there is mango and other fruits available! I'm so excited to try all of the products. They are absolutely delicious.

Sarah Amin, 10/9/2012

I tried a package of the almond clusters, I was totally hooked on this product and will be checking my local GNC and Costco to see if they will have this. I must say the snack was absolutely heaven and helped me to stick with my weight loss plan as a wonderful tasting snack.

Kelli Willoughby, 7/31/2012

I just wanted to let you know that I have never had freeze dried fruit before. I enjoy eating dried fruit but now I am obsessed with it, Oh my gosh! I would have never in a million years imagine how could freeze dried fruit could be. From the tangy sensation you get on your tongue to the pure sweet flavor (without any of that ethylene, rotted fruit smell or taste). How isn't more popular! I tried the apple and pineapple. the Pineapple one is amazing! Why aren't we giving these to kids!

I'm sold, I love it. I could snack on these all day. And how corny as this sounds, one bag is never enough it feels, I get the bottom to quickly!

But I'm pretty happy, my girlfriend has pretty shifty eating happens, been trying to slowing get her away from salty frozen stuff and protein bars all day to eating a more regular 3-meal a day, 2 snacks and fresh and healthy snacks and she too has gone bananas for these. I just wanted to let you guys know this has been one of the most exciting things I have tried in months!
Thanks, you're awesome! Uber happy and satisfied customer

Timothy Kirkland, 7/16/2012

I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the Fruit Toppers that Costco is carrying. How very clever of Mrs. Mays to package the bits leftover after cutting the perfectly square pieces that go into the smaller packages, into a Costco sized bag. I've been adding these to my oatmeal every morning, and can't resist eating them out of the bag in between. I actually prefer these smaller bits to the square pieces, and enjoy I the cranberry and blueberry combination. Thank you Mrs. Mays for making delicious, healthy, gluten-free products. I can only hope that Costco continues to carry these!

Laurie, 7/5/2012

I was at the airport today and was looking for a healthier snack. I found your Almond/Blueberry Dark Chocolate Rounds. They were amazing. They are now my favorit snack. I saved some for my sister and she loved them. Thanks

Lisa Forbis, 6/27/2012

I just want to thank you for your products. I have lost weight and your products have really come in handy, not to mention they taste " Awesome "!
A for life dedicated fan.

Alexia, 6/26/2012

I am from Australia and have been purchasing your products almond crunch and pumpkin crunch dry roasted snacks. Thank so much for a quality product that is oh soo yum! My husband has had open heart surgery and it great to find a product that is good for him and tasty as well. Congratulations. Cheers from Australia.

Jo-Ann Savvakis, 5/25/2012

Just writing to tell you how much I LOVE your products. Every month at college I bring another giant box, and try not to eat through it in pne day (they dont even fit in my kitchen, so I keep them on the drawers above my clothes!). Im not sure how so much flavor and enjoyment can be in each pack for under 40 calories, but I thank you for it. New, unique flavors are always appreciated too, like papaya or kiwi! A vegetable chip could be interesting also.

Jamie Goldstome, 5/21/2012

Hi, this is not an inquiry, this is a compliment on your lovely product of Trio bars. I have never eaten a bar like this ever. It's got perfect ingredients, non allergenic (for me) and even though the calorie content a tad higher than most the nuts and seeds are just the perfect combination. Wonderful flavors and I love the nuts you choose and the seeds as well. Heavenly..thanks.... I got these at Costco. Keep up the good work, good product!

Sharon McConvile, 5/21/2012

have been a customer of Mrs. Mays for about 3 years now and have enjoyed each of the different products your company offers. My husband loves adding the crunches to his yogurt and we snack on the sesame strips regularly! I look forward to trying the new "Rounds" and seeing what other wonderful products you add to your product line.

Jessica, 5/14/2012

I really look forward to trying new and innovative products from Ms. May's. Your products are always nutritious and tasty, my family are fans of the items I buy and that is a feat.

Terri Fowler, 5/11/2012

I just want to say, I bought your cran blueberry almond rice stix today for the first time and my daughter and I can't stop eating them. I wish I would have bought more. keep up the great work.

Lori Dunford, 5/9/2012

Just bought your Cran-blueberry Almond Rice Stix. Just wanted to let you know how YUMMY I think they are! I have never tried any of your products before, but based on these, I will be liooking for your products in other stores. I puchesed the Rice Stix at Costco and hope to find your products in other retailers. Thanks for the great snack.

Melissa Prom, 4/16/2012

Hello! Just wanted to take the time to tell you how fantastic your products are and how happy I am to have found such healthy and DELICIOUS snacks! It's so nice to have something to keep in my desk at work that I can munch on and not feel guilty about. Keep up the good work - you've earned a loyal customer! Thanks, Rikki

Rikki Hammond, 3/22/2012

My husband came back from Costco with a package of bars (trio) and I surely impressed. I had to start a vegan and gluten-free diet this past summer and finding delicious products has been very challenging. Your bars are simply addictive! :-)

Long life to your company

Nathalie Roths, 3/2/2012

I bought a bag of Cran-Blueberry Crunch and love it!!! I told my co-workers about it and gave them some to try and they also love it. One of my co-worker love it some much that the next day she bought two bags to the office. It is awesome!!! Thank you, for having this healthy snack out there for us to enjoy.

Gabriela Muro, 2/29/2012