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Special Items

  • Chocolate & Crunch B

    Chocolate & Crunch B (0oz)
    $33.96  Gift Baskets

  • Chocolate & Crunch C

    Chocolate & Crunch C (0oz)
    $50.96  Gift Baskets

  • Easter Sweets

    Easter Sweets (0oz)
    $29.71  Gift Baskets

  • Full of Spring

    Full of Spring (0oz)
    $49.95  Gift Baskets

  • Garden Fresh Veggie Chips

    Garden Fresh Veggie Chips (12oz)
    $10.16 Vacuum Fried Veggie Chips Vacuum Fried Veggie Chips

  • Trio Variety Pack of 20

    Trio Variety Pack of 20 (1.2oz)
    $18.99  Trio Bars Trio Bars